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Its was a good upgrade,i can Now post pics from
My phone,before i couldnt,keep the upgrades coming!
Wow it looks great! Much needed I think. I love it it feels brand new and I'm on an android device which makes it that much funner to visits this site. Im posting right now from my mobile good job....
Originally Posted by: Fabbri_Guy 

I noticed the site looks different on my mobile. Is this new?

I pushed an update yesterday (much needed one) that was supposed to resolve several of the bugs we've had since the last upgrade, and in the mix was a large update for mobile device support. We had it in the last version, but it was only working for select devices. Since then, the developers have paid much attention to the mobile version of the forums and so far it seems to have paid off. I couldn't hardly use them before on my Android, and now I can actually read and navigate the forums - I haven't tried posting yet but I've heard it works better as well.

Other included bug fixes are:
Ability to change user password or email address (with working confirmations now)
Better speed support by optimizing code that talks to the MCW database
Enhanced/Fixed mobile support for many more devices
Better implementation of the Private Messages
Instead of Popups, we should now have a 'bar' that appears in the top of the screen for notifications
Better Album support and new support for "Friends" lists
Reputation system (which still needs to be reset) -- reputation is where you can vote-up someone repeatedly gives positive answers or information, for instance. You can plus-1 a post and it will bring that users reputation up. Users that don't play a positive role might not get that many plus-1's -- The ratings currently are based on the old "points" system that the original MCW forums had, so those need to be reset.

There's more, but I can't think of it off the top of my head --
I noticed the site looks different on my mobile. Is this new?