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http://community.webshot...72IsFZSr?vhost=community  theirs six more but i cant figore out why they are not taking to webshots keep coming up as errors.
I plan to get the videos up after work tomarow.
Ok so July 27 2012, I went to Charlotte North Carolina to see Nickelback with Bush and My Darkest Days. I bought the tickets for my girlfriend Meagan for birthday and graduation gifts. The original concert I had tickets for was in Raleigh NC but that date was canceled so jumped on the ticket in charlotte since I knew they were going to be their 2 days before, all was good, it was in time I got almost exact seats in I had in Raleigh.

Meagan and I had so much fun; the concert was off the chain. Even though it was hot and load it was awesome. It was really load, more then I was expecting due to the metal over hang to protect from summer showers the roof also made it hotter, not complaining though. Songs wore great, the skin was out, and the beer was flowing and the tunes blasting. Any who had a great time, It was so crowded must have been sold out. The young and the old were having a blast including my girl and me. So I have videos coming hopefully both facebook and webshots , I will and have currently have pictures up on both media sites hope you enjoy I did. Warning videos are kind of hard to hear because it was so load lol…..