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Thanks for the feedback! I forgot to mention that I clear coat most of the parts after painting with Krylon to get more gloss on them. I do plan on making one run but not sure when I will get to it. I have the mechanical figured out to make it turn and pretty much how to make it lift but still a lot of trial and error on the bounce I am sure. I am having a tough time making the brackets on the tub side of the sweep to keep them more level as they go up and down. I also have a backlog of things to make for other shows so the new rides always end up hit and miss. I will post it here if and when I get one I am happy with.

Hey Rich, "Now that's what I'm talkin about!" Just a super job. Will you motorize one in the near future?
Wow, now that looks awesome. Looks just like the real ride, nice colors too. Your models keep getting better and better.
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It does match pretty close the ride I was modeling. I got mine at the local Jo Anns.
I like that pink. I'll have to pick some up. Where did you get yours?
The turbo lights are testors standard colors acryl type. The blue on the trailer and tower is Krylon spray Global blue the pink is Americana Acrylic Electric Pink, Silver is spray also and is Valspar.

Very nice model. What are the colors you used?
Thanks everyone! I have not glued the sweeps on so it can be easily moved and posed differently. Matt you will have to pm me how to embed the vidio in the message, or tell me where to look on the site. I really like it!
looks great, Rich!
great looking model. good job but I like the pool behind it better. lol j/k of course.