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Excited about the coming rides Anthony! What version of the Zamperla Tea Cups will it be? I think I saw versions that are either on a platform/base sorta thing like a Crazy Daisy and ones on sweeps sorta like the Bear Affair and so on.
Hey Anthony,

Your pieces look very nice, how much for each piece fully built including the racked trailers and please do not pm me you can reply here with the information....

Tim J., Owner/Builder
TJ's Carnival of Lights 
No carnival is complete without the extravaganza of lights!
Thanks for all the compliments guys!
wow love the details just like the real thing!!!
Great looking units Anthony !! Great detail !!!
Beautiful models, really nice. Looks like they are worth the money, the detail is fantastic.
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Looking good Anthony, Looking good....
Peter-Paul Dragons 

Samba Balloons 

Mardi Gras Funhouse 

Zamperla Elephants 

Coming soon...more Owen's funhouse's/mirror mazes, Zamperla Speedway and Zamperla Tea Cups