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We've talked a lot and I know the pieces you have. Considering the rides you have already....they are all ground pieces and kiddies...I'd consider shooting for the wheel. It gives you a piece that is a bit larger and more visible...of course transport might be a problem for you...and I'm sure you have other considerations as well. I think that both are must have pieces, but I'd say that it all depends on what equipment a show has if they are looking at adding either one, as to which one takes priority.
Yep, first two rides I would purchase if starting out would be a MGR and a wheel, in that order. Spots LOVE having a MGR, and a wheel, like Chris said, says "HEY! THE CARNIVAL IS HERE! COME ON IN!" [:)]
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The MGR may be what the fair board is looking for, but the wheel is a big light tower that says "The Carnival is HERE". I'd figure on having both, but put the priority on what will get you the spot in the first place. Then, once you have the spot, you can eventually get the "advertising" to promote it.

Since the fair boards are asking about the MGR, I'd say it's #1 on the list. But that wheel would have to be a very close (and I mean VERY close) #2. Just my 2 cents worth.[:D]
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That info helps and you know I have the Rodeo.
Pinetar, no, I'm not bored. As you may know I have retired from my public job of many years. My son and I are planning to enlarger our list of pieces this winter to attract larger events and festivals. Most ask if you have a mgr but a few ask about a wheel. I just wanted the opinions of people like yourself that are in the know.
Do you have a reason for asking bossman or are you just bored?
My father had an 8-10 ride show, the best purchase he ever made was the MGR. Its slow, just like a wheel, don't win a penny but the spots it books is unreal, We have aN A.H. Lil' Beauty, best purchase we ever made!
Its got to be the merry-go-round, also known as the key to the midway.
I believe the first thing people think of when they think carnival is the MGR.Even at Disney the first ride you come to is the carosel.

Boss if you are looking for a small one PM me. 
How you make a small fortune in the carnival bussiness.
Start with a large one!
Both you need a AH MGR and a Mullgan Wheel
The MGR is the heart of the's not a real carnival without one, just a collection of assorted rides.
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