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this is what i did before its my supose to be one page side to side and printed on opisite page your see when you look at it.
Thank you Ringmaster and britt,I am doing a propasal for my pretend hope fully real show one day.I plan to start with 10 rides and 3 funhouses ,four games, four food stands. I have to tell about competotors.and such.Know somthing else i have to do is talk about negitves and benefits to my shows and feelings and emotions whos my demigrapghic stuff like that....Agani thank you.......I show you another project i did with permisison from matts .i just have to black out my adress.
Degeller, Big ROCK, Playworld, A of A all come thru NC Daniel. Brinkley and Ronnie Turner's -Fun Shows? are out of NC.
what shows are out of nc other then powers and smokey,who comes through other then strates, drew,reithofer,wade,power,smokey.
Need some help with school project i need to find at least five competitors ,for my fake company ive shows deggler,reithofer,rcs,powers,i cant find logos the ones i do i cant copy to computer.And also does any one else know of a company, i want to put two other, one is smokey but icant find nothing on them,they dont have a site. i need to know how they feel, what colors they use,what kinda design elements,typefaces styles, do they have a unique some phots of logos and eqipment would be nice thank you.