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Originally Posted by: JustinJames 

The humorous answer is 32 guys to run rides, 25 to run games, 20 to run the food, one for the office and 15 guys with radios to walk around and pretend to work![jedi]

BUT, if you scale away the last part of the joke the numbers are close. LOL

And if its anything like our show, you still have the 15 guys but only two of them giving 15min breaks.
Originally Posted by: ringmaster 

...You aren't planing on putting all the cars in the parking lot, after all.

You never know with my OCD. [shifty2]

And you can selectively compress. Four bunkhouses, three of one make one of an other and a coupe of, Woodland Scenic Figures barbecuing orf playing knock, and a couple of different style RVs and campers.
You aren't planing on putting all the cars in the parking lot, after all.
Wow, this turned into a far more technical issue that I originally had planned. hehe.

I really do appreciate all the insight. I didn't consider factors like local help, CDL guys in the cabs, trash guys, electricians, etc.

This definitely gives me a general idea of what to think about when counting up the number of workers.

Thanks again for everyone's help.
My bad I totally thought it said 30 rides. LOL But that said depending on the ride you would need at least one or two per ride. Gravitrons, Bobs, Himalayas and Rings are an example of rides you are supposed to have two on. Slide is another.
Take a look at your lot setup. You're going to find when it's all said and done, everything tends to stay fairly proportional relative to each other. When you build/buy Bunkhouses, you'll notice when there are too many on the lot, or when you don't have enough. Same goes for anything: Joints, Semis, Generators, etc.
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Originally Posted by: Fabbri_Guy 

For an entire show probably 40-50 people.

Fifty rides, twenty five joints, and twenty food wagons? No way, unless you hire a ton of local help! But even then, not nearly enough folks. Heck, with McDonaghs, twenty to twenty two rides, six food wagons, ten or eleven games, all told there was way more than fifty people working!
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Games are whatever you wish, there is no 'correct' number. Twenty five sounds fine, a lot of shows have cut way back on games, McDonaghs would have 20-22 rides set up, and about ten or eleven games. As for help, well, at least one per ride. Some rides (like the Sky Wheel, Himalaya, Bobs, Giant Wheel, etc.) require at least two or three or maybe more operators. Games, at least one, maybe two, then food wagons, from my experience watching operations the last few years, at least three in most wagons. Then you have break guys for the rides, show electrician(s), maintenance staff, office staff (two, maybe three), ticket sellers, trash guys (unless, like it was with McDonagh's, break guys also pick up trash in between giving the ride guys breaks), and of course local spot help can and is hired quite often, they go home at night. Benji is right too, not everyone stays in a bunkhouse. Some have their own trailer, some guys also are CDL drivers and stay in tractors, a lot of different factors to consider.
"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -- Mark Twain
And then ,,,,,,, Grab joints at an event that would support fifty rides would hire a lot of local help.
Originally Posted by: Benjibear 

You need more games. A 50 ride show would be selling much more real estate than 25 games.

Assume at least 1 operator per ride but any major rides you should assume 2. Assume at least 1 operator per game, but again some may have 2. Each food joint should have 2-3 people. Add another 10-20% for management.

Not all would live in bunk houses. Some would live in RV's.

More games are actually in the works as well. I'm trying to build up my layout with non-ride items (bunks, office, tables, benches, games, etc.). All the little details that add a touch of realism. Glad to know I'm on the right track. Thank you.