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I've always wondered why they run it in reverse only. I always thought it was because of the turnover. It'd be nice if they ran it both ways again. The canvas colors sound cool though. I'll see it in a few weeks at LA County.

Last year, I remember hearing the voice box on the Wave when I was at LA. Maybe it was a newer operator or something. I know I hear that thing on the other rides.

Its a new canvas, a shiny red with yellow musical notes. The last time I saw the crown spin was in 08'. They hung a disco ball over the crown. They're still using mic men on the ride.

What I like to know is why do they only run it backwards. Its been like that since I first saw it in 05'.
The Evolution is now...Evilution! Ride If You Dare!
Is the canvas a different color? I remember seeing it since 2001. I always thought it was pretty cool. Gives the ride a retro feel. Was the center crown spinning?

Were they using the voice boxes on the rides too? I remember the first time I heard them. I get why they're using them but I do miss the mic men.
The Wave looks good but I don't know what to think about the tarp that folds over the cars during the ride. It looks really cool with all the LEDs and King Neptune on top of the ride.
The Evolution is now...Evilution! Ride If You Dare!
Thanks for sharing. How does the Wave look now?
Nice pictures & video thanks for sharing EvolutionRider88.
Went to the Orange County Fair last week for the first time in two years. Shot some more photos and video. Shot some new on ride videos too. Bishop's Mega Drop has been LED'd. Took a look at one of the nature exhibits, particularly those giant mechanical bugs and my fiancee' and I took a photo with a Burmese Python. Also I got the opportunity to meet Frankie Kastl Sr.

I'll let the photos and video explain. On ride videos can be seen on my channel.

2011 OC Fair Photo Album 

2011 OC Fair Video 
The Evolution is now...Evilution! Ride If You Dare!