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Too bad you don't ship to Canada, would love that Tilt.
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post on here and let you all know about the model kits that I have listed on Ebay in the last few days.

I have listed the following:

RAH: Tilt-A-Whirl and 9 different concession kits

IHC: Ferris Wheel, Skywheel, Kiddie Boats & Motorcycles, and all 4 Concession kits

Faller: Paris-Dakar Go Kart, Swingboats, Top-In Dodgem (static only, missing the motor and some of the drive parts), Children's Roundabout (316), Several Fairground Booth kits

CoasterDynamix: Comet (with neon sign), Griffon (brand new), Scorpion & Phoenix (both slightly used)

I think that's it. I rediscovered carnival modeling over the summer - after losing pretty much everything I previously had in a flood about 10 years ago - and bought up one of just about everything in sight - after going through it all, these are the things I really don't have a use (or room) for. 

Most auctions are 5-day, and I will combine shipping on multiple items.

Thanks & Happy Model Building!