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any idea on who got the what?!
Meanwhile, Ed Gregory's on about his 5th or 6th try at selling his remaining United Shows trucks, generators, etc. on Ebay. 
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pizzaman thanks for the info, anyone know who got that wheel?
No Idea. i watched it online from home. They only gave out the bidder numbers.
Do you know who bought those rides? 
How you make a small fortune in the carnival bussiness.
Start with a large one!
The Century Wheel went for $225,000, Orbiter $145,000, Also remember there was a 10% buyers premium and 8% sales tax on top af all sales. Does anyone know who bought the Force 10?
any idea on who got it, how much it went for?
i know gary hughes was looking at the century wheel he said he wouldnt go over 300k for it...
anyone get a price on that century wheel and the orbiter? ....thanks
Yesterday was the big 3 way auction. Anyone happen to know what some of it went for??? 
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