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i dont understand why dept stores such as hobby lobby doesnt carry carnival models...i've even asked the store mgr and he doesnt even know
once you go carnie you never go back

You can order Faller Wave Swinger through Walthers current sale ad [November] for $166.98, reg price $234.99. Now through January 31.Oder either through terminal Hobby Shop (Walthers) 1-800-4trains or through one of the dealers listed in the brochure. If you have the brochure there's free shipping on orders > $100. You may be able to request a brochure through their web site or by calling the 800#.

Bill P.
For those interested, a Faller Wave Swinger is listed on Ebay right now, starting bid of $149 plus shipping (from British Columbia, Canada). That is about $85 less than Walthers is asking, but I am sure their will be a bidding frenzy right before the auction ends. Lots of different Faller rides/concessions listed as well, and in the past few months I have got quite a bit of Faller (as well as IHC OOP rides) off of Ebay.

For a direct link, here is the Faller Wave Swinger on Ebay.  

For a general list of all Faller items, click HERE   and then type "Faller" in the search box. You can also type IHC for lots of IHC items (you will have to wade through the International Harvester stuff too) or you can type "carnival ride" or "amusement ride" or "circus" to get lots of neat stuff (models and more) on Ebay. Enjoy! [:)]

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