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Originally posted by Pizzagod

I forget where it was, but I had this hot dog, and they put it on a stick, see, then they coated it with batter and they FRIED it!

Can you believe it? Was that wild or what?

Sure seemed popular though.

Where I broke in, Phil's ghetto unit of Big A, and other east coast shows, nobody ate the corndogs. They were considered midway food.

When I first went to California I asked some agent how his season was. He told me "well, I've been eating corndogs all year."

I said too bad, the fairs are starting up, it will get better.

He said no, that means I had a good season. Like corndogs were some kind of treat.

I was surprised but thought, what the heck, each to thier own.

But I still don't eat them.
"Hit the last two and finish it up for the large."
Roast beef Sundae while sitting on a Midway Bucket -- LoL
I forget where it was, but I had this hot dog, and they put it on a stick, see, then they coated it with batter and they FRIED it!

Can you believe it? Was that wild or what?

Sure seemed popular though.
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Unfortunately midway food doesn't count. Its made to feed the masses on midways. Once you see the canned cheese you know what time it is.

Independent midway food is a different thing altogether. You get smaller unique vendors who have the time and can put out a better product.

The fries in St Paul are good, but they're just boardwalk fries. You could get them in front of Trumps Taj Mahal in Atlantic City from the honorable Norm Lewand. Its just a fresh cut potato dipped in water and fried. Very good, tons of them sold, lord knows I've had my share. I used to like the fresh baked cookies there in St Paul, still warm.

I love the southern foods too. Good cornbread, beans, greens, etc. And a few fairs have a booth or two of that too. Winston Salem comes to mind. That food will fill you up for pretty cheap too. If it wasn't for a lot of the grease it would be pretty healthy too.

That deep dish pizza at Pizzeria Uno was the best, if you have two hours to wait for it to cook and can take your time to eat it. A couple of beers and thats it, the best I've had. The Italian beef in Chicago is good too, dripping with au jus and some giardenara.

The food at Coney Island kind of scares me. There was a lot of stuff that was to much like midway food, of course. If you head out Stillwell Ave there's a diner that was pretty good, a typical full menu Brooklyn diner. I went there and had some real good meals with Bob Jackson a few times, god rest his soul.

Pelligrino's Sausage in Yonkers deserves an honorable mention. Hand stuffed, hot or sweet, caraway seeds, real old world Italian family grinding it up. Even though the fair is done, the shop is still in town.

New Orleans is one place I haven't spent enough time in to have a legit opinion. To bad for me, I know there's good food there.
"Hit the last two and finish it up for the large."
There needs to be some guidelines here between on-the-midway -grub and that which is accessible from normal source food establishments off the midway.

You really can't count corn dogs, frys or sausage as a contender here.
I loved the food in St Paul, especially the French Fries. I loved the Rib Eye Sandwiches in Louisville. In OKC, I lived off the red beans and Rice. Beaumont had great Shepard's Pie in a bread bowl. The Polish Fest in Hamtramck has a great selection, but, IMO, the best food was in and around New Orleans. NYC and Chitown have nothing on NOLA's food.
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I will say for feast food, NY has us beat here in Chicago. Although we have a great selection (at good prices) there's nothing like the sausage with peppers and onions on the grills and the zeppoles frying. I was a bit dismayed by the high prices though at the San Gennaro feast. Worse yet was down at Coney Island where a frankfurter was going for towards $4each, esp. at the new Luna Park.
Here in Chicago you can get a great hot dog wayy cheaper than that AND french fries for the price!


Originally posted by Pinetar



I went to Pizzeria Uno on downtown south of the loop, the original.

I went there, it was busy so I had to discretely tell the mgr what I thought of their pizza, I didn't like it.

Chi. and NYC are both great for food. I love the smell of butter and garlic in the air, while passing such restaurants in the fall.

Grand Central Station is another good one for food. The kiosks in the lower level have a big variety, the market shops are all gourmet; like $43 per pound steak, Japanese, but it wasn't Kobe beef.

My favorite there is the oyster bar. It has the look of the 30's or 40's. Interesting old steamer system for making chowder, right in front of you.

Please pass the Wonder bread and bologna!

you would love mulberry st, garlic all kinds of cheeses all kinds of meats pastries best bread best macroni
TONY BAR right on mulberry st is my favorite
the SPRING ST BAR mulberry and spring st is a nice joint as well
the 3th drink is always on the house except when the feast is going on.
with it and all for it
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Originally posted by john777


The city so nice,they had to name it twice--New York,New York..[:D]


now y'all know that the best food is here in the south.[:D] lol cornbread, collard greens, fatback. [:)][:)]