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When I was in the tent rental business we put up our 60'x 120' push pole tent a few times in winds gusting to 40mph, not fun but do-able if the ground was firm and stakes held. This circus top is rigged much differently and I'd think you could still get it done in that much wind or maybe a little more just due to it's weight & mass. Dangerous stuff though, there has to be a reasonable cutoff point in their contract I'd think.
All Skywheels should be yeller.
Pretty impressive..I would like to see that in person(the set up)..

I wonder at what point the wind would really be a factor..In other words 20 or 30 mph-difficult--40 mph really difficult and 50 mph impossible..I am sure at some point wind has got to stop set-up...Anyone with some inside knowledge??


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Interesting way to spread a top, most of it never touches the ground.

It is definitely interesting. There are atleast 20 pulley and on a normal day you would be right, the top barely touches the ground. They were at a 2 day spot so with the extra time they brought the top back down to wash it.

Thanks for compliments guys....
Thanks Nick
Interesting way to spread a top, most of it never touches the ground.
All Skywheels should be yeller.
Great pictures!
great pics, I will see them in a few days up here in chi-town 
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The circus played Union Ohio last Wednesday & Thursday. As always, when the circus comes to town I was on the lot bright and early. The 1st truck rolled onto the lot around 6:15am. By 9:30am everything was there. This was the first time I saw the new 1 ring European Style tent. The set up process was quite different. Although it is a damn nice top I still prefer the old style, ecspecially the 5 ring big top. Also new this season is a trailer mounted Zamprella Train ride. One guy set it up, very uneven lot so it took quite a while to level the track. I was told he normally sets it up by himself in just under 1 hour. Any way, pics here.... 

I have pictures of the show performance as well that I will try to upload tomorrow...