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Many years ago a show called "Marvel Shows" played the Petunia festival in Dixon. Anyone remember this show?
pat's doing good work over there!!!! Nice to see that T-Pain made it off the boat 
"If life was fair elvis would be alive and the impersonators would be dead"-carson
Yea its really sharp looking, here is another shot with T-Pain, how could you go wrong LOL

Show looks great! I like the color of the new Mouse for a change. The Mardi Gras mural is probably one of the sharpest ones that I have seen.
Matt Cook
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nice pics. like the front on that mardi gras also. different
That would be the "Grape Ape". Correct it was used on the mega drop main load. It is now for the freak out due to its weight. I believe it belongs to Dennis, its one sweet ride, all chromed out and has purple neon lights at night. Astro was always known for their tricked out trucks!
No its just playing the canadian tour for a bit..........


Originally posted by csr98

Not booked in....... It was for the main load of the Mega Drop.

Nice truck! Did they sell the Mega Drop?
Thats a nice mardi gras.
Not booked in....... It was for the main load of the Mega Drop.