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Wiggle Wurm was delivered at Boonville last season.
I have never seen Coleman bros show look so good in Middletown. Evry bulb seems lit. The rides look great. Lime green, hot pink, and a deep purple are more common than the old Coleman blue and white. New rides include, the wiggle worm, a mardi gras fun house and several others look totally refurbished like the yoyo. Someone has been working hard.

One of the oldest. One of the largest. Believed by many to be the finest carnival in the world. All these are 100% true.
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Looks like new paint on the CBS YoYo, black, yellow and green. More like the original black and yellow yoyuo's. Coleman's was one of the first NOT in black & yellow when they got it in 1983. It has been blue and white until now. How is it lit today?
Nice article, but some stupid comments about the weather in the comments section. LOL

The Skerbeck family here in Michigan has had a show of some sort on the road since the late 1800's. I know Reithoffer is over 100 years old, too. Still, all in all, 94 years is not bad!

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Yeah but they are not the oldest show around. The Inners family and Majestic Midways made it to 100 years old last year. Im not sure who is the oldest out their tho.

a fine article about a nice carnival
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