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That Flying Bobs, was originally Bob Childress's and was sold to Stine Amusements when it was formed in '94. It stayed with them untill '98 when they bought a Thunderbolt. It was sold to Mike Neighbors and later to Randy Roach, and eventually to Jules and Beck.

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If you saw the tip top in Seaside, that would have to be Robbie Tucker's. It would have been on Funtown Pier this past year.
lol, I thought it was a century wheel with expo wheel seats?? thanks mike i did not know it was the new 1 trailer mulligan wheel.
lol the mulligan wheel looks ok, but the color scheme is way off for that ride, it shouldnt be red, white and blue, those colors just dont go on some rides. to me it looks like an expo wheel raped a century wheel and out popped the mulligan wheel lol
I heard their Mulligan wheel looked nice. Are there any other pics of the new 1 trailer model?
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Is that Strates Cliffhanger at Augusta? Someone said that might have sent it and one other ride (Scrambler?) down there. From ainman's picture it looks like Strates Scrambler. They did not put it up in Hamburg or Syracuse in NY this year.
Who's Jumpin Jumbos and Tip Top is there?? They both were on the Pier this past summer in Sea Side Heights New Jersey... I remember seeing them there. As a matter of fact I believe at one time that Tip Top was Conklin Shows! Look at and read the pannels along the bottom. They all are dates that Conklin plays... (Spring Mass, CNE Toronto, Mobile, etc.)
I am from Evans, Which is near Augusta so I know a little about that fair.

Drew gave the fair up on purpose because of the contract and the decline in attendance not to mention the area. The contract is simple: The Exchange club takes 150K off the top of the gross then whatever is left over is split 50/50 between the ride owner and the Exchange Club. Is that fair?

Drew made the right decision by going to the Columbia COunty fair which is in the good section of town. I have seen Strates in ALbany GA and I have seen Drew here for many years and I have to say that Drew is the nicest show by far. Friends of mine who have been to the GA SC fair say that the shows(dreamland and jules) down there now have nothing compared to what was there in the past. Drew would not take that fair back and I know that because my cousin knows them.
After I visited your webshots I realized this Chris. Now that I've moved across campus I'm on the network and can download pics in a SNAP. So I've had a chance to look at everyone's photos.



Originally posted by Bryan

I do not like the paint job on the Flying's not real impressive to me...but hey..maybe the pic doesn't do it justice.

Great photos! [:)]

That is Jules and Beck's Music Fest (Flying Bobs). It was originally with Arbroo Shows. They have cleaned it up A LOT since I first saw it back at the end of May. According to the foreman, they are going to completely repaint the ride, re-light it, and put new canvas on it. The centre scenery is just fitted canvas, not panels like most others. When I talked to the foreman at the Wayne County Fair (Belleville, Michigan) in August, they had put a relatively new sound system on it and it sounded great, and almost all the lights were burning (they did not have lights around the back, according to the foreman, Wayne (cannot think of his last name off the top of my head), they did it on purpose because of the way it is set up at most spots you cannot see the back, but when they relight it they WILL do the back lights as well. SO, the photos do it justice, IMHO, and next year it should look totally different. [:)]

As for some of the other rides, looks like Jules and Beck's Zipper and Tilt-A-Whirl and Strates Shows' g/m Scrambler. [:)]

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