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Originally posted by Greg

they also had a Saturn 6[:D]

Reithoffer got it along with a skywheel & 250kw plant. They had been left in W Va. as ransom for monies owed.
they also had a Saturn 6[:D]
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I played the West Virginia State Fair with NOVA in 1985. This show, formally known as NEI, played this fair for many years. The show was already in Chapter 11 in 1985, so when the lot man brought the rent envelopes, there was a letter inside stating that all monies had to be paid by cashiers check. I don't know if the IRS was requiring this or what, but I remember going to a local bank to get my check before taking it to the office.

I grew up in western PA. Lots of good memories visiting Frankie's/ East Coast Shows and Kenn Penn/ NEI/ NOVA Expositions. I have been getting rid of some extra photos that have been in the closet for years. Here is a link to some NOVA pictures I put on E-Bay. 
Fred Thumberg got the Swiss Bob/Bayern Curve. Bob Childress got the Goforth Ski Lift. It started raining at the auction, so bidding was slow. The scrambler went for $7500, the F&B Scooter for $12,000.
Strates Enterprise originally came from Frankie's East Coast Shows in 1982. Frankie bought it in 1978 trying to keep the Big E contract but Conklin got that spot. East Coast was gone by 81 or 82.

Wade got the Hit In 2000, A of A the Wave Swinger and I think Billy Wilson [Empire Rides, Amusements of hamburg] got a Round Up from the Nova Auction.

Good news, I think I have the Nova Auction brochure somewhere, but the bad news is I can't find it.
They had a Wave Swinger, A of A has it now. As I recall from reading Strates history, the Enterprise they have actually came from East Coast Shows/Frankie's Amusements.
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I saw them in Orangeburg, S.C. back in the early 80s. It was a spring date on the fairgrounds.
Thanx for the info.
No, but they went out of business around the Mid 80's

Strates got the Enterprise and Frank the Hittin' 2000

So if your familer with how long they've had those rides, it will give you a rough idea.

They also owned a Flizer themed Racing that Reithoffer bought.

They lost the West Virgina state fair, and I think that's the year they closed up