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What was the real problem with this machine? I only saw one or two actually set up and never rode one. I can see low capacity due to load/unload thing and cycles but it does seem to be a great ride when you watch it. Was there something else that made it the nightmare it seems to be?
I was wondering when you were gonna see my post!
Very cool video Tony. I never had a chance to visit Edgewater, only drove by the place (well, my Dad was driving, LOL) a couple of times when I was a kid (it was closed as I recall, maybe for the season, but all the rides were there). Thanks for sharing the link, I'll have to forward it to my Dad, as he has fond memories of the park.
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yea, old school, check out the hair cuts
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Nice short video of edgewater park at 7 mile/telegrah in detroit michigan.Watch for the turbo at the end of the video.