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Britt...please take some pics for me and as I have asked other people going there...please say "HI" to Dave and Tony at the Giant Wheel and Jack on the Freak Out and tell him to keep playing that CD I made for him while in Evansville, and Finally Yurri on the sling shot. Please take plenty of pics and share them with all of us.

i was there friday evening and will be back wednesday. watched the fireball and freakout at the same time. personally i think the freakout was giving a better ride. not able to ride yet so i cannot give a ride experience just observation. question the layout tho as they were only a few rides apart. several pieces did not make opening. inspectors still inspecting as rides were being readied and i talked to several of the inspectors. mid americas drop tower was doing well and had a good light show as did the chance giant wheel. inspectors not finished with giant wheel but the light show was great. with the placing of mid america's wheel you could see it as you walked up the main midway. watched the light show on it as i watched the tractor pull in the grand stand also. saw their infernal combustion, state fair slide and scorpion also. marconi's cape fear and touchdown looked great. mid americas music express was to be taken out and replaced with something. someone said a scrambler. some problem with the state inspection.
Thanks Midwayprovydr...
shiftgreen, when you go back tell dane and tony on mid americas giant wheel and frank on mid americas freak out that mike from evansville says "hi" and please take plenty of pics of the fair for me.

I just went to the NC State Fair last night,(opening night) and all though the weather man said a slight chance for a sprinkle it ended up being a stdy rain from about 8:30- 11 or so. but amazingly this was the 2nd highest number of attendies within the past 15 yrs on opening night since they started taking records.
I rode Freak out, and it is awesome! , we liked it better than fireball, b/c the ride was twice as long.. it would start swinging, having the gondalas rotate very slow..then once it got to maybe 90 degrees, it would slow down and you would think it was over..then the strobe lights came on, and they kicked it into overdrive, the gondalas started swinging really fast, and it went up the full height, which was un expected the first time. I loved it though.
Im goin back with 2 other groups next week so we can ride some other rides. oh yea..freak out was only 5 tickets..vs 7 for top spin and fireball.
It was also realy neat seeing the Chance Giant Wheel and Kroon Wheel up near each other, they dominate over the midways, it was the first time in our fair history we had 2 giant wheels.. not including the SkyWheel. A few rides were not working for some reason..the chance wheel being one of them, it was working, but no one was riding it, so it may be ok now, but larsons fireball, remix, and the musik express wasnt working, but we had 2 musik expresse's and the other was fine, and I think slingshot was not working as well.
i will be taking a ton of pics too, ill snap a few extra of the Roc N Rapids just for you [:D]
Tornado, if a ride list has not been posted by the end of this weekend i will post one for you [;)]
Could someone please post a complete ride list if they get the chance? Also, if someone could get a couple of pictures or the Roc "N" Rapids that would be great... Have NOT seen it for 3 years now!
I went up there on thursday to buy some advance tickets, i didn't know that NC State was having a game, one would have thought that the fair had already started with the traffic and all, it was a madhouse there! I ended up going into the fairgrounds office and buying tickets, apparently i was not the only one, there was a line of disgruntled patrons at the office doing the same, i also walked around the fairgrounds to see what they have, it was pretty much everything that was in Winston last week plus more, i think this will be a good year. That Rockin Rapids looks awesome!!![:p][:p]  .. but its not streamlined so it takes images every so often.