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I have one, which I re-themed to SPACE ROLLER. Took me months to get all the deco's, but I did it. Runs great too!


and here it is, infront of the real thing, our only Space Roller in Australia. Ex-Hoefnagels from Holland.

i know a few on hear have one cant recall who though...Umm is his lay out private becuase if not i want to see it im going to be up theri this weekend sat sun..two days only kinda sucks originally three
Just wondering if anyone here on the board had the newest Faller ride, that Top Scan they made recently? I visited my buddy Ken McMichael down at Myrtle Beach, and he's got his Top Scan on his layout, but he said the motor on it doesn't function properly to turn it. He showed me what it does by moving it with his finger. That thing is true and dead-on authentic just like the real Top Scan! The motion of it is true, and Ken has little HO scale people riding in the seats strapped in with the restraints. It's a super cool ride. I was just curious if anyone else here had it and if you do, does yours run like it should? I know the MB Pavilion didn't have this ride, but i might get it later and put it aside just to watch it run. [8D]