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Originally posted by bucscott

Because it was a month ago

It is kind of funny cause I saw the same thing as Discjo,and was a bit confused..The topic seemed real familier ,but I couldn't put my finger on it..The first thing I did was glance up at the date,which was the 13th coinciding with the original date of the post..The difference being that the OP was August 13th and The Dudes was September 13th.

What happened was that The Dude went through a bunch of old threads and posted responses...Don't know if he has been out of town or just now paid his Internet Bill[;)]...Enlighten us Dude..

J/k around with The Dude a little now.I don't want all his buddies ganging up on me...jeff
Because it was a month ago
I see nothing but a side street with b;eachers == Wassup?
Thats kinda neat!!

Looks like cool seeing the whole park!! (Too bad its not streaming with audio)
Thanks! That works much better.
When you see the midway shot on the cam, close the link and reopen it for a large still view.
There are a couple of good close shots of the midway now!
Check out Wade Shows with their new drag strip slide on the midway this year. Pictures do not do this slide justice as it is awesome to see up close. When the slide is lit up it looks great! The Giant Wheel, Sea Ray, Zyklon, Enterprise, and White Water are other big rides on the midway along with my favorite the Himalaya. Enjoy!

Just click on the picture and it will update every 10 seconds. 

The fair runs the 13th through the 23rd.