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Looks to be a Techno Jump type of ride.
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The BPB ride, not fully assembled: 

videos of similars ride at other locations:

Anyone know what this ride is, they call a Crazy Frog at Blackpool in the UK? from the BBC news link:

Two hurt in funfair ride incident

Emergency services in Blackpool said they initially "feared the worst"
A funfair ride at a Blackpool theme park malfunctioned while it was carrying 15 people, leaving two riders needing hospital treatment.

An arm on the Crazy Frog, at the Central Pier, snapped off just before 2230 BST on Wednesday.

Firefighters arrived to find a girl trapped in the carriage attached to the arm that had collapsed.

She suffered minor leg injuries, while another woman was hit by a piece of shrapnel from the ride.

The Health and Safety Executive has confirmed that an investigation is under way and officers are currently at the site.

Crew manager Mark Warwick, of Lancashire Fire and Rescue, said: "We got the call saying the ride had collapsed and persons reported [trapped] - we feared the worst.

"Fortunately when we arrived it wasn't as bad as first thought and most people had been able to get off the machine.

"One girl was a bit stuck but we led her to safety and she received treatment to her leg."

Police and ambulance were also in attendance.