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god you know how to drain it!
That's a great looking sealed in the box Rainbow. But i think even if i were to see one cheap, i'd buy to re-sell. Not because i've had a sudden change in my favorite ride because of the mishap in Sweden. Mainly because i don't model in HO scale no more. I've gotten my O Scale Zipper replica a tad bit more authentic and am VERY Happy with it!! [:D] I recently bought some thin balsa wood at the hobbyshop, painted it flat white, and glued to the back sides of each Zipper replicate those white metal bars on the backs of each cage. Boy, does it look more authentic! Now i'm waiting for an O scale Rainbow replica from Lemax, or whoever else. I would have a heart attack if someone came out with a working O scale Rainbow...same size as my Zipper. ...With Lights, and the sound the Rainbow makes!! OMG! , just thinking about it gives me chills! When i turn on the Zipper, it gives me chills, lights on the arrows, oh yeah! [8D]

HO scale is cool to model in, and the rides in that scale are very cool, but since i bought my Zipper replica last year, i'm hooked on that scale/size of an amusement ride model. 'nuff said. If i ever see the Faller Rainbow sealed in the box at a hobbyshop for cheap, or hobby-like shop cheap, i Will buy it..possibly to build, possibly to re-sell, don't know what i'd do with it...seeing as i like the O scale stuff now, a bit better, as it's a tad bit ( not much more, but a little ) to the real ride size-wise.

I bought mine off Ebay in 2006 for $99.00. So it hasn't gone up as much as I thought it would being discontinued.
Is around $200 really that much higher than what it retailed for? Walthers currently lists the Musik Express at $135.

Yeah, I have 2, one redone as a Zamperla Joker and the other as the western themed Conestoga wagon from Hersheypark.
Wow, glad I got mine when I did years ago. LOL Of course, I wish I had one to sell as well after seeing recent auctions on them!
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It's hard to believe how high $$$$ they are going for. I understand why, just alittle surprised. I have 2 myself - one built and running + the 2nd one is in the "racked version".
Near $200 ending soon. There was one a few weeks ago that sold for $202...wonder if this one will jump alot more at the end.

Not too bad considering how hard it is to track one down. I'm glad I have 2 (both rethemed though).
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