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yo,you got real problems dont ya!!you dont say all that sarcastic stuff to girls when there in front of ya do ya?or just the dudes up behind ya!!!!find manners punk!!!!
babe,BABE!!!!!,,,,,make sure ya give him one!!
i am gonna make a trip there this summer to vist a few friends that work there.
the pictures are great
thanks for posting
with it and all for it
john 777

The NYT article was great publicity for Coney Island. It was on the front page of Saturdays print edition with photos inside. Target the Cat, who is the Mascot of our "Coney Island is Alive and Kicking & Welcomes Visitors in 2009" flickr group is now world famous!

My Coney Island opening day set on flickr is very idiosyncratic---mostly pix of Target, games on Jones Walk and Bowery, and the scene on the Cyclone platform. Since I used to work games, I always tend to take more pix of games than rides. But you'll find more variety in the flickr group in the coming days. Most of my friends haven't edited their sets yet. 

Amusing the Zillion
A former carny kid casts an insider’s eye on the amusement business, Coney Island, and fun places in between 
i could have said i told you so but i didnt want to post a rumor [:D][:D][:D]
with it and all for it
john 777

Never count out anything as enduring as the amusement business! Once thought to be another casualty of the times another enity of our business rises from the supposed dead and gone.Of course comparing our business with other businesses,they always say,"Class Will Tell,And s*** Will Smell!"