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How many pieces did Arbroo end up putting in Clearfield? Last time I was there J&J had about 38.
Dear Carny_Joe930,

I hope you enjoyed playing with Arbroo Shows. As for Sue? The owners of Arbroo Shows are Bill and Terry Bullis and they are both very nice people. I was booked with them this summer for the Clearfield County Fair in Clearfield, PA. Your right about the show, not all new, but it was all clean and lit up, and everyone on their show was nice and friendly.
On another note, you must be the one with the Show Me Jurassic Maze that is for sale. Good luck, we just sold our Show Me funhouse about 2 weeks ago. It is a tough market this year. Anyway, best of luck and hope things go well you during the rest of the season. We are heading home after this week.

Jimmy D
James Dillman III
Dillman Family Rides Inc.
The Merlin's Castle and Jurassic Maze are my rides-I also had a Swinger there but couldn't book it. Show had their Jitterbug already up when I got there. I needed to jump into a spot real quick--Hurricane Isabelle caused cancellations of a few coastal fairs in NC. So I called up Terry Bullis,her and her husband are the owners of Arbroo Shows, and she said,"C'mon in". Really nice lady,didn't get to meet her husband-he was doing some hauling. Good operation,nice crew--very pleasant show to be around. Lot of older equipment,but its clean and well lit.
It's not often but I am truely impressed by Jolly Shows. They look like they have an excellent operation and the owners/operators should be congratulated for their efforts.
Nice looking show, great photos! I have seen the Merlin's Castle dark ride before, with Amusements of America back in 1996 at the Ohio State Fair, still looks cool. That Himalaya is one that was owned by Arnold Amusements here in Michigan back in the 1980's, they sold it in 1990. And that C&M Trucking looks exactly like the one that traveled here in Michigan about four years ago or so with Double D Amusements (show no longer on the road). Interesting to see where rides you remember seeing ended up years down the road. [:)]

Oh yeah, that is a very different looking Scrambler (colour wise). [:)]
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looks like a nice clean show
Rain man great pics these sets made me cry i want to see this show they do shows in what fallowing states except md and ny.and what unit if its a unit do these rides come from.these are the pics im talking there all good but these are the two that stod out.

Riethoffer Shows - York, PA 2003
Reithoffer Shows - Frederick, MD 2003
do they still have the tango or is this the show that had the unfutant god hope not this is a geat show nice rides there so very well taken care of they look new are they new?
and the inverter its the cleanist looking one ive seen i have only seen rcs and helms and there both prety dirty.

Arbroo Shows at the Laurens County Fair in Laurens, SC

Overal impression was pretty nice show. This was the first time I've ever seen them.

They were not open when I breezed through so I couldn't get a look at them in full ..umm..bloom? 🙂 Nor could I see how they were doing for the spot. The Sea Ray looks brand new. Anyone know how long they've had it? And I really liked the artwork on the darkride "Merlin's Castle". Very sharp.