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well i have a question kinda why i was thinking of primer.....I was oainting a rah concession and i point out the paint was nail rubbed on it becuse iwas trying to get some thing of like dust from garage wear i build.well paint cam off so i tested a samll section and it scraped off.whats i thought well primer.....

anyaways since i all ready have it like it is i am going to continue and then spray a clear coat i hope this will work or portect it.i notice rah uses a resign casting and some time paint does not allways want to stick i've had that same problem on a few models in witch i plan to repaint and use a coat of gloss coat...


Originally posted by dccradio

Thanks all for the tips I appreciate the help. What do you suggest for clear coat?

Kylon clear gloss.

I have used the Delta Cream Coat paints before and still do for some things. I prefer the Tamiya line of paint. It shoots very well through an airbrush and if applied well with a brush, it can hide a lot of imperfections and brush strokes. Beware, once it starts to set, dont go back over it until it dries. It sets fairly fast and if you go over it when its drying, it will gum up and will show brush strokes. Just ask Sean LOL. 
Matt Cook
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Thanks all for the tips I appreciate the help. What do you suggest for clear coat?
Mark H
Yeah, Bill's right on the warping, if you over spray you could cause warping, I spray a light coat first let dry, than a second coat, and here's a tip, even if the can says let dry a haft hour, let it dry a couple hours then second coat, some times I let it set over night.
chuck walls
I've had good luck with Krylon White primer but have seen warping of plastic with gray or brown primers.
you can get white at home depot,or walmart,for your colors use delta cream coat,from micheals, when finished with color painting, after drying. spray with clear coat, that will give you a nice shiney finished.
chuck walls
you said white spray primer can you use gray coasue thats all micheals had
you could find modeling paint (water base) at wal-mart, k-mart, michials, most importing thing is a good white spray primer, I use rust-oleum, and when finishing painting use a clear coat on it.
chuck walls
First off I really am not a modeler, however over the summer our Dollar Tree had a full line of plastic toy carnival rides. I purchased most of the things that they had. My goal was to remove the decals and repaint them over the winter to make a small model show.

The problem is I don't know what kind of paint to get. I originally had thought modeling paint but can not find that anywhere around here.

My father in law has done some train modeling and he said to be careful what paint you get because some will eat through the plastic. So I thought I would see if anybody here had thoughts of what would be a good way to remove the decals, and what to use for paint on the rides and games.

I am definitely new to this so any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mark H