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see em at motels allatime
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I see in the Tampa Tribune that there is a 1800 lb machine with a remote condenser I believe it said that it is a Manitowoc.
Thanks for the help and info.
Its not impossible it just costs more.


Originally posted by Carnevil

Any suggestions on finding a used ice machine. I've looked on ebay and craigslist with no luck. Thanx 
I have a half-dice Manitowoc and a Hoshazaki and both are good machines the Hoshi is on the joint on the roof and it really produces I can't say enough about it, the big secret here is buying the biggest storage bin you can get for the machine.
The Manitowoc is in the truck and we have a 400# bin under it and the Manitowoc before that in our other stock truck was a 800# machine on a 800 # bin it was a 220 machine and had a precooler on it it was tough.
The 220 machines are the best but I bought two 110 machines because I can pull into a campground or anywhere there is a plugin and fill the bins and do a one day spot and move on if you have 220 available all the time that is the machine to use.


Originally posted by Carnevil

Any advice on what to look for or stay away from? What would be considered a good size? I was thinking 300-500 lb.

I have a Manitowc 850 Makes half dice cubes. I love it. Also an 600 Scotsman that makes "pillow" cubes

Get atleast a 600# pound "head". 220V AIR COOLED. Water cooled uses a LOT of water.
900 # bin. You don't have to buy them togeather. If you find a deal on a head you can retro fit it to just about any bin but the little ones.
Some I konw swear by Hozaki.

If you put it in the back of a truck you will neeed to think about leaving the doors open .

Ice bags are a pain and cost a lot. I like 20#ers. The ladies can handle them a lot easier.

If you have truck space for a merchandiser you can bag ahead.
I empty the ice bin on jumps.


Originally posted by BigGuyNC1

Any used restraunt supply company should have what you are looking for,they usually are cheap and are sometimes willing to deal.
Here's a few links to help. 
Jay Sugarman as well,he is auction company out of Fl.

Great auction links, thanks !
I help put a ice machine in a truck one time make sure that it is water cooled and that you can afford all the water that it spills on the ground under ther truck. As for a pre chiller we had put the machine in the pizza's stock truck so there was some referigeration there already we drilled a hole thru the side of cooler and tied up about a hundred feet of hose in the fridge so that was the water chiller. works still.

Back on topic there is a manitowac on craigslist ny for 100. make sure you add the areas or it'll only search michigan
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