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I think the reason it failed once already is because of the rides. If they are trying to be Universal Studios as in the theming, they can have less rides, but they need each ride to last longer like at Universal Studios. You go on Earthquake, and you are stuck in that partial line and on the ride for maybe 20 minutes. That's even if it's a walk on.

However, it seems more like an Islands of Adventure with less rides, and no other park to go to next door. Someone said it gets so hot over there, and they only have that low capacity water ride. That doesn't make sense either.

Who is this park for is the real question? One ride to me looks really thrilling, and I don't really know about Maximum RPM. You have 2 rides related to drugs, and you have what some would call offensive in the bathrooms.

A lot of the rides seem family orientated, but the park seems to be the other way. It seems like it's trying to target the teenagers (However, how many of them probably don't know of Led Zepplin, the Eagles, and Moody Blues.), and more likely than not the adults.
it was a excelent park, me and the wife hit it last year, just not enought poeple in that area to draw the crowds they needed. Would have been a excellent park if in the orlando area. 
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what ia my prize

Lifetime membership to C Town

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been in the news here. there are a lot of ideas floating around on how it will operate. possibly being an evening park and pay as you go. there will be better access this year as a new bridge across the inland waterway into the park off hwy 17 should be completed. at least it will get a second chance
what ia my prize


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it only a deal if they make it work


Ding! Ding! Ding! Winner winner winner! Give the man a prize!!!
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I think they need to drop the Hard Rock theming and lower the prices big time.
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It is destined to fail.
it only a deal if they make it work
And I thought I saved a lot of money with Geico -- Lol