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In March, I will be receiving my auctioneering certificate and believe that there is a future for auctions. I would love to get in on a carnival sale someday. Sometimes, yes, auctions can be full of junk and sometimes items sell for less than they are worth. However, I think that the shows that are going out of business choose to go through other means of selling the equipment because they think that is all auctions are for: junk. Truth is, if there were nice items at a sale, I believe they could possibly go higher than market value if the right people were there. Every sale is different and every crowd is different. I think there should be more carnival/amusement auctions, and I hope to help change that. If anyone has any tips for me going into the auctioneering business, either carnival related or not, I'd appreciate it.
D Hunter
Why is it that the used ride market is nearly flooded but I can never find what I'm looking for???
the question which show will it be
When the next BIG show goes out of Business they'll be back, and the used ride market will be flooded again.
I have to believe that it's all about what method will get the best return for the show owner/park owner (or the creditors). If the stuff is rough, needs work, or is more parts and support equipment, I'd figure the auction route would be used. Solid rides, concession equipment, and game equipment I'd expect to go through a broker or private sale. Auctions tend to bring out the bargain hunters, IMHO.
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Was thinking about it, there are hardly ever any carnival auctions anymore. Seems like most of the parks that go out have a broker liquidate them out. The strates auction is the first carnival auction in a long time.

So the offial question is, are carnival auctions a thing of the past??? 
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