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I got sick in my stomach just hearing about it.
chuck walls
looks like he hit am ajor speed bump.

he knocked the ride off the desk and sheared off two gondolas. man that sucks.
JLJ Midways WILL have one by 2010 season!!! LOL
Wow, nice work. That is a great looking model, I really like his website with all of the detailed photos during construction, he does some nice work.
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looks badass, thanks for the link Ted
That's some amazing work, I can't beileve the trouble he went to, to redo all the controllers.

The diaramas look great.
If you're running a Faller motor directly on AC voltage it may run about 20% faster here than in Europe because US power is 60 HZ, while in the Europe it is 50Hz [lower frequency]
Thanks for posting.I had been wondering when this guy would put up a construction log of this model.Very cool looking model so far.
Can't wait to see it operating completed.[:D]
Cool Vid

First thing I noticed is how the ride seems to run/rotate at a proper speed, as I have noticed some of the Faller kits ran a little fast.

I'm not sure if Eurorail has any in stock yet though, although I agree that price is about as good as you'll get.

For those of you who don't subscribe to the yahoo ride modelers group there is a guy with a pretty sweet write up of the new mondial piece. He has only been working on it a couple days but its starting to look great! Also there is a short video clip on the bottom of it in action! I can't wait to get my hands on a kit, anyone know if eurorail actually has it in stock ready to ship, or is it just a pre-order? There price is good enough for me. Here's the link: