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I like it, well done![:D][:D][:D]

Very nice looking model!Thanks for sharing.
Great looking addition to your show. Can't wait to see your next rides finished.
Yes it's HO scale and if you're talking about flood lights then yes.

I'm currently working on hampton boats, tilt and spider.
If you don't like Hank Williams, you can kiss my ass.
Very nice, are you going to add the light like you find at alot of amusement parks? Don't know the correct term for them, but I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. But, I know most portables don't have that lighting, but just wondered.
Really great looking model. Nice. Is it HO-scale?
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Looking good Jordan. What's next, that RAH tilt?

On the news page you'll find two pictures of my scratch built SCRAMBLER.
The ride is not completely finished yet. I still need to print off a sign and paint the guard rails. 
If you don't like Hank Williams, you can kiss my ass.