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Dear Joyce, I am so very sorry, the pain of losing a father is almost to hard to take sometimes* Please know that talley and I are here if you need us*
He will be FOREVER in my heart. B.J.P Peace be with you Grandpa!
my prairs go out to you and your family.
"NOW MICHAEL," said the teacher to the agressive youngster," what do you think your classmates would think of you if you were always kind and polite?"
" they'd think they could beat me up!...

Well, another wonderful person has left us. Russell was one of those old school carnival people that knew how to do it all and tried to pass his knowledge down to the next generation. He will be missed immensely as he was loved by everyone!!
John, Patty, John III and Michael
with it and all for it
john 777

My dad passed away yesterday, he was on too many shows to remember. My mom & him were on the Johnny,s United for most of the 60,s, they had cigarette joints & candy joints. He,s with her now with all there friends cutting up jackpots.