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They look Great so far !! Keep up the Great modeling Kenny !
Looks great so far Kenny. The detail is fantastic.
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Originally posted by Tre in GA

Well It still amazes me that you hand make those things. I always sucked at models, Ive got a set of 3 star wars kits my wife got me a few christmases ago that I havent even opened.
Let me ask you something Kenny, are you going to do the whole RAS show train and all? Just curious..............

Thanks Tre, and all the rest of you too! Right now my mission is to complete the show, that means rides, sideshows, joints, juice & grabs, ticket booths, towers, wagons... [:0]holy crap!, just thinking about it all makes me exhausted! Now that I've had ample time to consider your question Tre, probably not. I'm a ride and show builder, not a train enthusiast, aside from the fact I would have nowhere to fit it.


Amazing, Kenny. You have a lot of patience to scratchbuild and detail as much as you do. Can't wait to see the finished model.
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Kenny your work is so awesome and I can't wait to see it complete !

Light towers yes I like light towers .
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Originally posted by DrNickRiviera995

Love that Scrambler! What version of lighting are you going for?

Flourescents; green, yellow and white.

That looks awesome so far, keep up the great modelling Kenny. You do some awesome work....
Love that Scrambler! What version of lighting are you going for?
Thanks you guys![:D] Benji, I have also started the Round Up, 16 tub Octopus, and a brand new Roll-o-Plane. I have to be on a flat ride ride spree now so my show ain't all wheels! Once I have these rides finished I'm gonna finish the first five of nine light tower/generators.[:D]