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Originally posted by Scott

Who needs a three trailer round up?

not with these gas prices...
Conklin started the a season out with one ( early eighties) by the fall it was gone in favor of a Enterprise.

Who needs a three trailer round up?
Huss UFO is essentially an Enterprise lift arm fitted with a Round -Up ride on it, big.
Does Darien Lake Park still have theirs?
Conklin had a UFO booked into Maple leaf Village in Niagara Falls, Canada back in the early 80's for 1 or 2 years.
Great old Huss ride , i've ridden one in 85 , blows the round up away . too bad they didnt build more of them [:(]
I don't like it...looks un-natural to me.
It's a Huss UFO.
Looks like a cross between an enterprise and a round-up.
Looks rather large.
All Skywheels should be yeller.

Looks like it was taken in the UK.
It appears to load from the side, good capacity, it blows the Round-Up away.