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He started his business in the early 70's wanna say 71-72 i think.... He told me once but I forget now what he told me
My Dad has an issue of Model Railroader magazine from around 1976 that has a Cummons Scale Amusements advertisement in it for a ferris wheel kit. I have been told Don must offered them as kits at first, but too many folks had trouble so he started building them and selling them mainly as complete models instead.
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Anybody know the years when Don first built some of these models? I can trace the Hamptons from 1983 and I think the Rok-O-Plane and Loop-O-Plane models were built in the early 70's. Think the Grav was produced in the early 90's. I find it interesting on what models were produced before I was born or when I fell into the hobby in 1996.