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please tell him that tim and I are so happy that he is gonna be ok.
I was so depressed the day it happened. they are such good people and it just reinterates the importantance of staying focused on what we're doing at all times. It just wasnt his time, God had many things for him to do. Be well and think of all you have to do yet.
Love ya, Ritchie.
Just visited Richie at his Bus/house. He is in great spirits. His mom, sister and wife were there. His sister is playing nurse this week to change bandages and clean wounds. While there we spoke and he told me what to post. he did get up and take a few steps while I was there but still has a way to go. His left hand has fingers bandaged up and his right foot is bandaged up.
His words to all " I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, God Bless You All. We appreciate all the well wishers and offers of help. I have a bit of a road ahead of me but I am not retiring my dancing shoes just yet,lol. I am truly blessed with friends. God Bless and Thanks again."
When I find out the updates on his health, I will post them.
Have been offline for several days and just heard the news, Ritchie is a dear friend and I am glad to here he is OK, we will have to get the band to play "Somethings Got A Hold On Me" for him. Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery
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glad to hear he is home.
Richie was discharged from hospital this morning (Fri) and is in PAIN. We haven't seen him yet but word is he may come out of trailer on scooter or wheelchair to say hi to everyone, hope he doesn't over do it.
Still not sure about toes yet. chance he may still lose 2. Thanks again for your prayers, offers of help and well wishes........
Spoke by phone to Richie at 10:45pm Thursday evening. He sounds Good. He is in a lot of pain and still in ICU. At this time he is not sure when he will be let to go home (to spot). He is very tired. And again, Thank you all for the continued prayers.
glad to hear that he is doing better

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Richie's surgery was postponed until 9:30 this evening and it was a short surgery and a success , his sister told me. I spoke to her at 10 pm and she said he wants a cheeseburger and milkshake. They are still waiting on deciding anything on the toes. Again I will update you all as I get the information. Because the surgery was so late, he may not be let out on Thursday but I will let you know.
Thanks again to everyone who prayed for him..........


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a good case in point , to use P.V.C. pipe !

Case in point to leave them down if they are gonna be that close to high voltage...Sorry about the guys luck.
a good case in point , to use P.V.C. pipe !
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