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We went with theatre ticket machines and central boxes about 1960.


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THE O'LE WOODEN BOXES W/ BARS FOR WINDOWS,always on every ride, or attraction...

I still have 3 of them...they still look decent too.
I have heard that it was either Strates or Reithoffer that went to a central ticket box system first, and one of them started the practice of weighing ride tickets to get a count. Cannot recall which of them it was, I recall hearing both names mentioned at one time or another.
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THE O'LE WOODEN BOXES W/ BARS FOR WINDOWS,always on every ride, or attraction...
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I thought it might have something to do with independent rides.Quicker sales makes a lot of sense too.I know I have stood in line at ticket boxes just wanting tickets for a ride or two.Boy I bet that would be a pain nowadays with help problems the way it is.Thanks for both answers....jeff
Well,in EUrope and in the old carnival days here, each ride would sell thier own Tickets. This was just how it was done in the old days. of course back there shows didnt bring in 50 rides to a fair, and a good portion of the rides were independently owned, so each owner would have his own ticketbox for his ride. Each independent would bring his money up to the office and turn in his % each night. That was just how things were in the old days. In those days the Ride formen would help take care of the ticket box. He would really manage the whole ride, and get a % sometimes off of the ride. Now a formen is just a guy who can put the ride up and down.

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either its because the tkicket booths were made with the ride and they didn't have a choice to put it out. Or probably, that would enable quicker ticket sells for for both the show and riders.
As I look through old photos and also recalling them as a kid,I have never understood the reason for individual ticket boxes at each ride.
I am sure they had a good reason.Was it because it gave jobs to wives and girlfriends?
I know those guys back in the day were smart fellows,so I am sure there were good reasons.
Anyone care to enlighten me??....jeff