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Sorry for the "late" responce back, but... Thank You !! When I'm displaying my model show, I try to make it look as realistic as possible. Like as you saw - Stock being pulled, actual prizes in the games, "behind the scenes" that the "public" would not usually see, and if a ride takes 2-3-or 4 trailers to move it - your gonna see the extra trailers somewhere on the lot. Thanks again !! In the next week or so, I hope to be adding more photos.
Wow! What a great layout.[:D] I really like that Calypso, I like the detail work throughout too, I was really taken back by the jointees loading/unloading stock from the back of the truck.[:D] You should be very proud of your work!

Thanks for the Great commets guys !! I may not be able to afford the "real" rides, etc..., but I do my best with the smaller version.[:D][;)]


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Great looking midway!!! I love the website...

Great looking midway!!! I love the website...
Thanks Chris !! As you see in the photos, my: Giant Gondola Wheel, Indargo, Falling Star, Breakdance, Calypso, Sky Wheel, Bumper Cars(Faller), and 1-2 others are not in the photos. I figured that the show would pull them out of hiding(LOL) for the big Fairs, etc... But thanks again, Chris !!
Great website Alan. Great looking model shows! I may dabble in this free website stuff myself....
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Thank You guys!! I figured that it was time to do a website, so I kept my eyes open for "freebie type" websites. When I add some photos, etc... I will keep you posted. Thanks - again !!
Great models!Thanks for sharing[:)]
Very cool![:D] Great pics and great layouts!