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not 100% exactly on topic, but i know it's a story most people here can appreciate. 

'Vigilante' gets revenge on metal shop thieves
Big problem with your carny certified box, it is not certified nat. elec.code equipment.
You can't just schlok pieces together anymore.
An inspector in a major city could shut you down if he wants too.

First of all, what does obol mean by rebuild:
1. Rusty box?
2.Stripped lugs worn components etc?
I do. You need to start with a nice box in good shape. All of the components. Measure the size of the original box. Draw a mechanical drawing of it for reference. 8th grade shop class will be good enough. Weld up a frame to hold all of the components. Then cover it with 1/8 alum. diamond plate. It will look brand new and function well for you. If you bring me the box, I can make one up for you. I also frame joints, and re-build rides. If you have seen equipment that I have worked on, you'll know that I do quality work.
They'll miss us when we're gone!
anyone know how to refurb electrical boxes?
don't know ..sounds like their style.
what the ????
I've been working alot of late nights trying to get all of the equipment ready. And longer days dealing with booking dates. I dont have all my ducks in a row yet. Is "obol" chuck leistins' daughter.
They'll miss us when we're gone!
just another day here at the big show...
"NOW MICHAEL," said the teacher to the agressive youngster," what do you think your classmates would think of you if you were always kind and polite?"
" they'd think they could beat me up!...

Damn, I love hate and discontent in the morning.
john the hand . get it the hand job!!!!!!!
what the ????
What picture? I'm missing the joke or something. Explain please.
They'll miss us when we're gone!