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Anyone notice the Unit Number on the Trailer in the Video? "420"
They cover alot of ground over the season!
They will be in Springfield, Ohio, May 30
C&B Circus will be in Rochester, NY in June.
Circus Pages has already been through Mid and Northern Indiana. I think they work their way into Michigan very soon.

Carson and Barnes is a Top Notch Show, and the best sights are those related to the set-up. They still use elephants to set the side and top poles, the children love it!

I'm impressed with the way Geary Byrd has streamlined their footprint without losing any of the real feel of a large circus. There is nothing like being on the lot and watching all the activity.
They have really changed their route and are showing in places they have not visited for a long time. A lot of new territory too.

See ya down tha road!

E. S. Connolly


Originally posted by Jackpotter

Darn. Looks like they are bypassing the Bluegrass state yet another season. Oh well, maybe next year.

I caught a quick look at a circus poster in Somerset, but didnt see the show name. Ill be over there all weekend, ill let you know who and where. Usually, Circus Pages are in this area every spring.
Darn. Looks like they are bypassing the Bluegrass state yet another season. Oh well, maybe next year.
They played the Hernando County Fairgrounds, in Brooksville, yesterday, for the Springhill Kiwanis Club. I caught the first show, which was nearly full and they had a full house, for the evening. Excellent show, and a well rounded performance.
They play Daytona today, followed by three more days in Florida, then into Ga., followed by S.C., N.C. Va. and Maryland.
If they get close to your area, it would be well worth your time, to pay them a visit.
By the way, after going as far north as, New York State, they head west and are in the San Fransico area in Oct. hat


Originally posted by circusguy

They are in Florida at the present time. 4-28, Lake City, 4-29, Ocala, 4-30 Springhill, 5-1, Daytona, 5-2 Geen Cove Springs, 5-3 Callahan.
There will be plenty of circus fans visiting in Springhill, including myself.

They just pulled out from Tallahassee,FL this past weekend at the North Florida Fairgrounds.....


Originally posted by Jagger

They played our area many years ago. Very nice circus

Oh good coming to Rock Hill SC ill be there!