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Hi, to anyone looking or would like to add the RAH Pirate Ship, i have mine for sale new in the package. 25 takes it, along with the 3.50 to ship it that Ron charges for shipping. I have a picture of it if you want, but you all know what it looks like i'm the image that's on Ron's website. My Pavilion amusement park plans are history. I figured, it'd take a few hundred bucks to get it looking authentic to a T. Yet, i have other interests lately to put money into. I did however luck up on finding the Myrtle Beach Pavilion front arcade piece on ebay recently. It's a wooden front of it, design and everything is like the Pavilion, and tells a little history of it on the back. It was made in '97, so i was thrilled to get just that piece..being a huge fan of the Pavilion..and saddened it's gone now. [:(]

Anyway, the Pirate is still sealed in its bag, ready for someone's ride layout. I was going to build it and have it in the swinging position, instead of the loading give it more realism. If anything, i were to at this point do anything, i'd do a small County Fair of Strates Shows if i kept the Pirate. Like the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem...or make up my own scenery of Strates Shows.

He just did it recently, too, I had just looked at his site a month ago. I like it, he actually gives details on each kit and what you will receive, and even reccomends which glue to use. Food trailers look nice, new one's are pricey though, I offer mine on Ebay 3 for $12 to start and let the bidding go from there. He does have quite a few spelling errors but no one is perfect. Cool thing is it looks like he is going to have a space for photos of models built by folks from his kits, that would be cool to see, what other folks have done. Overall, I am glad he offers kits, even if they are not the greatest nor the easiest to put together. I have built quite a few (Scrambler, Zipper, Kamikaze, Scooter, 2 Ring of Fire's, attempted the Tilt years ago, Alpine Fun House (one of his nicest kits), some centre joints, and have used his Merry-Go-Round tops (very nice, very realistic looking)).
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And I like the new food trailers!!