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Originally posted by carnivalgirl

was this one of them? 

No...This was some 3rd World crap....Not Burning man stuff...Nice find though[;)]
Fix it see if you can dig up that topic I did a while back on man powered rides....There was all kinds of crazy stuff on there...remember that?
Looks like the Super Deluxe version of the Bair Bros' Giga Wheel, lol... [;)][}:)][;)]
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That is insane! Anyone have a link to the accident that had to have happened on that wheel? Wow.
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thats crazy shtufffff......
i dont smell em i just tell em......
worlds first wheel, great idea, but it moved a little slow.

thats why today the wheel is a family ride, and not a spectacular [ such as a himalya.]
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guess they forgot to leave someone at the brake not a good idea

Gives new meaning to the words jump start [:D]

Nothing new there. Flamo and I used to do that daily. [}:)]
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