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I believe we met Nancy Gaskill when we were had games on J&J. Our heart is with you in these rough times. God bless.
he was jons brother n law nancy is joyces sister
bo bo
Ok, then I knew him. He was a nice person, someone that the help would respect. I seem to recall that he left the business do to health issues.
Yes Pinetar I'm pretty sure he was.Mike's wife was Nancy,if memory serves me right I believe she is John's sister.
Was Mike John's brother-in-law?
I believe this is the same Mike Gaskill that ran a unit for J&J for about 20 years.I know he did in the late 80's early 90's because thats when I was there.Mike was a great guy and a strong manager.He got a lot of respect from his guys and the independants.Although I'm seeing this quite late,my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
His parents were Willard and Dorothy
Any relation to Paul & Doris Gaskill ???


Originally posted by mgr man

Mike Gaskill,concessionaire,from New Springfield,Ohio,died Jan 17

Name sounds familiar, what did he have?
Mike Gaskill,concessionaire,from New Springfield,Ohio,died Jan 17