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Damn, Kenny! That looks great! Keep up the good work!
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Great work. Looks great!
very impressed with wheel used sit next to it all the time on ras with swiss bobs years ago brings fond memories of the best show on earth memory lane for sure thnx bigjlh
Thanks so much you guys, I really appreciate it![:D] That's the one thing I always loved about Royal American Shows, COLOR was the name of the game.

Ken, I new it would turn out beautiful, what a great job, colors are fantastic.
chuck walls
Your wheel look great Kenny!
Matt Cook
Matt's Carnival Warehouse / Matt's Web Design 
Beautiful, looks great !
did a great job keep up with the good work


Originally posted by skywheel88

Thanks guys! I used to have the specs for it, but I must have deleted them, so I drew up plans using all my pics as a guide. Yes, Greg, I build all of my rides non-static just in case I decide to motorize them in the future, that way if I do motorize it will take the least amount of modifications. I wanted to send you the specs on the actual ride, Greg, but like I said above, I must have deleted them, I do, however, have alot of good shots of this ride which I can send you, so PM me and let me know. Thanks again, you guys![:D]

Kenny that looks awesome.

Makes me wish that Rainman would have released his kit so I could build one.

Maybe we could get Don Cummons to build one. [;)]