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Yes, thanks for that link, been busy with my new part time job, so i won't have time to watch it tonight sadly.[:(] But come Thurs. after i get outa work, i'm going straight to the can day, 4 cans of food for admission, i want an italian sausage at the fair bad. I didn't eat nothing but a footlong, fries, & donut Sat. at the fair, that's it. Thurs. when i go back?, i'm packing on the food, funnel cake, i. sausage, footlong, the works! [:D]

Thanks for the link.[8D]
Wow! Is that the largest midway in the country? I cannot imagine the number of generators needed for that operation.
i got both working. no cam from the fair site yet.
Thanks! Anyone having trouble keeping the dorton arena cam going?