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Calhounfair is a wrestling promoter. He is a new member here.
<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

TNA show drew 1300 fans at NYSF. This show was added to the NYSF schedule relatively late. 
There are plenty of Regional Rasslin' Promoters out there....Just do some research and you will find one to fit your needs... Are you looking for a "Free Show" or a paid attraction? If it is gonna be paid that would work better for you since the Promoter will take a cut off the gate insted of a flat rate paid by you...

Our fair is looking at new avenues of entertainment for weekend grandstand shows. Does anyone know if the pro-wrestling circuit is drawing crowds, or is it a waste of time and $$$$?? I've noticed that a # of fairs have these shows. We are looking for something to target the younger crowd that may take the place of the thrill shows we used to have on a Friday night?? Any feedback / input would be appreciated.