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The fair runs 11 days and the temp has averaged 103 degrees each day so far. It is run by Murphy Brothers but they bring different shows each year so we never know what exactly what new rides will be there. One of my favorites this year is the whirlwind. Same center as the tornado but has seats like a yoyo and turns much faster. They have a mega pass this year which seems to be very popular.
Nice ride line up!! How many days is the fair? Thanks for posting.
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ziggy is a indy driver that specializes in carnival loads. 
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Lowery Carnival and Century 21 Shows this year plus I seen a rig that said Ziggys also. I`m doing this from memory and there were so many kiddie rides I have probably forgot a few.

Gondola wheel
High Roller
Chainsaw (zipper)
Super Sizzler
Drop Zone (Super Shot)
Sea Dragon
Super Trooper
Cliff Hanger
Tilt A Whirl
Top Kick
Zero Gravity (Rethemed Round Up)
Full Tilt (Converted Inverter)
Expo Wheel
Yo Yo

Kiddie Land
Balloon Wheel
Hampton Boats
Hampton Cars
Hampton Cycles
Super Slide
Quad Jump
Rock N Tug
Tea Cups
Dizzy Dragons
Dragon Wagon
Wacky Worm
Artic Cat (mini himalaya)
Musical Chairs (swing)
Gas Station
MGR (2)
There was one ride with dogs that had big floppy ears and I believe a Spin the apple type ride.
Mardi Gras Fun House
Power Rangers Fun House
Scooby Doo Fun House
Clown Town Fun House
Two headed snake sideshow
About 50-60 games and several concessions I will get in pictures.

Favorites not here this year are the Himalaya and Freak Out.