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I was gonna suggest making sure "Save password" was checked when you logged in......

Glad things are working [:)]
Thanks guys. Guess what? SOmehow the date on my cpu had gotten moved ahead to September. When I changed it back, everything works fine. DUH
Setting to always allow cookies from MCW is something to definitely check on. What the others have said in this topic is also good advice. It sounds like a cookie issue to me.

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If your are using Internet Explorer, make check your cookie settings under the Tools > Privacy tab to make sure MCW didn't get added to the block list.

Second, check your PC clock. If your PC is not keeping the right time the cookie may be expiring immediately.
Might want to do a redump of your temp internet files and restore all internet explorer settings to the default.

A great program to clear off unneeded files off your computer is available for free at .

Try that and let me know if it works.
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Is it Memorex?? Are you realy you?? If you have system restore go back a day or two when everything was ok...

Hope this helps

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Have done all that virus. Cookies/Forms have all been deleted several times. We'll see.
First run a virus check. It may also help to delete your cookies and let them reform. I would suggest after the virus check to email Mr.Fix-it. He's pretty sharp.
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My cpu at home has started maknig me put my login and password for every single post...insted of being able to log in once. It also won't let me log in to check PM's or the Members List....basically I type in my login and password, it says I'm logged in..then I click on PM's and it says there's a problem I'm not logged in.

To my knowledge, no settings have been changed. Where do I start looking for the problem?