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I sell parts to build a racked version of a hampton ride. You need to provide other parts to make it a complete model. I also have on my workbench parts to build a racked slide. I hope to be able to offer those parts for sale in late summer or in the fall.
It is what you learn, after you know it all, that counts.
So pretty much I have to do mods to make these models rack up. I was just wondering because I have seen pic of racked mods. Thanks for the info.
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Yes, IHC rides are good to start with. My very first HO ride was the Faller Rainbow as i have always been a fan of the ride since 7 years old. The Faller rides aren't much harder, you have to take your time, have patience, and in the end you will have a very nice ride for your carnival / park layout. I don't suggest the Faller Log Flume kit, that thing is Tough!! I tried to build it, but didn't get very far. [:(] Next time i attempt the Log Flume, i'm not adding every single detail to it, just the water troughs, log cars, and the stuff it takes to get moving..that's it.

None of the IHC models are built to rack.
IHC are good starting kits. I built everyone once and right now I am going back amd either modifying what I originally did or rebuild the rides. With a little paint and imagination the kits make nice models.
The other thing is I sometimes wonder how to scale the rides are. I know the Hampton kits are oversized. I suspect some of the others may not be right either but I have never confirmed that.

It is what you learn, after you know it all, that counts.
I was thinking on trying to get in modeling and was wondering about the IHC models. I was wondering if they Rack up too without making a mod.? Looks like they do, but not sure.
Midwest carnival