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I use a plain and simple ole glue stick. lol
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Why not just use water slide decals?
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i use tacky glue... but with any white glue, if you bend the styreen enough the glue will loosen up and the decal will come off.
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3M Adhesive spray works good for me, or as brett said the CA+ Zap a Gap or whatevr its called lol but i wouldn't use the zap a gap unless its photo paper, it bleeds thru regualr paper
I use Carpet Tape. It is double sided and is thin as Scotch tape.
I use CA. The longer it takes to cure, the better. If the initial application is good, then it allows me enough time to make final adjustments. Once it's there, it's there, and have yet to have any graphic come back off.
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I use a good-old-fashion glue stick. Cut out what you want to glue, then rub the glue on the backside of the paper, then flip it over and smooth it out over the styrene. Nice thing is, it is moveable for a few minutes so you can straighten it out. Then let it sit for awhile to dry before cutting the stryene. The photo paper rarely comes up, and even then only on the corners occassionaly, which is fixed with a quick touch of up of glue stick.

Word of warning: use white (clear) only, don't use the blue (or any other coloured glue), it makes a mess and be careful not to get glue on ink, it can smear. I spray the printed paper with a clear coat first, then cut out and glue. I just finished building some game trailers and am in the process of building some food trailers, using photo paper glued to stryene with glue sticks. Hope this helps.

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well, I recently used some spray on adhesive, and i wasnt impressed.

It was elmers brand, came in a spray paint-sized can, orange lid.

"good for wood, plastic, paper"
well i found it to be really spotty, even though it was a clean coat.
many bubbles:( may have been just me, though.

Does anybody have any suggestions or advice for applying photo paper to styrene plastic? I thought it was discussed here before that there was spray on adhesive but nothing came up when I did a search. Thanks in advance.